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Securities Arbitration & Regulation

When a complaint or dispute arises involving the handling of your investment accounts or your business, legal action in the form of securities arbitration and regulation is the quickest and most reliable way to proceed. The securities arbitration group at Thomas & Libowitz has decades of experience and knowledge handling this type of legal proceedings.

Our attorneys will actively represent you or your business in all arbitration forums to adjudicate any and all types of complaints.

The arbitration proceedings we recommend help reduce the time and cost usually incurred from litigating these types of cases before a judge and jury. Attorneys from Thomas & Libowitz are familiar and comfortable with representing our securities arbitration clients when the proceedings are brought before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Our lawyers understand the nature of these proceedings and will work with you to recover damages resulting from the specific failure of financial advisors and brokerage firms. In addition, we have represented clients across the country and are familiar with the rules and regulations governing arbitration and other similar proceedings.

In the event additional specialties are required, Thomas & Libowitz works closely with forensic accounting firms to provide financial analysis support. Our firm can also secure expert testimonies to be used to support the securities arbitration proceedings.

The status of your financial well-being and your business needs to be protected at all times. Our legal team is professional and dedicated to recovering your losses.

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