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Tax Law

Every year, the tax code for individuals, businesses, estates, trusts, and nonprofits becomes longer and more complicated. Navigating these changes with a partner that is familiar with the tax code can relieve stress, and encourage growth. The Thomas & Libowitz Tax Law practice group has been providing clients with expert legal tax advice for more than three decades.

Working with individuals or corporations, our tax attorneys can review your current status and provide insight and counsel that not only helps you develop effective tax strategies for dealing with financial transactions, but also prevents you from committing mistakes that could result in penalties, fines, and possible court appearances.

Business tax planning can range from helping with structuring business transactions so the tax impact is lessened, to providing tax advice, to preparing various types of business income tax returns. Should other professionals, such as CPAs, be required for any of these services, we will coordinate and work with such professionals to ensure you receive the necessary assistance.

In the event you should require representation before the Internal Revenue Service, your tax attorney is able to handle disputes, questions, and possible hearings. They are also familiar with tax dispute resolutions, and in addition to acting as a competent legal resource, your tax attorney functions as your partner and support.

Taxes are one part of life that are probably never going to disappear, so making sure you have the right type of legal counsel is the best alternative. Thomas & Libowitz’s tax attorneys have years of experience and knowledge, and can tap into a vast wealth of tax and legal knowledge simply by talking with their peers and coworkers.

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