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Maintaining, and growing, a nonprofit organization brings numerous challenges, and rewards. However, the business and legal side of a nonprofit can consume staff and board members, not to mention pose situations that could result in legal headaches and serious consequences. Thomas & Libowitz has worked with nonprofits for more than three decades, providing legal counsel and guidance.

Our services include helping a person or board of directors create the nonprofit by assisting in the completion of the proper forms, including the mandatory Form 1023. We can also provide the governing documents for the nonprofit, including bylaws and conflict of interest policies. Coordinating and preparing the annual tax returns is another service we provide to nonprofits.

When you partner with Thomas & Libowitz, you receive access to an established attorney in nonprofit affairs – chances are that if you have a legal question or challenge, our Nonprofit practice group has already dealt with a similar situation in the past. Our experience becomes your resource, and allows your nonprofit to move forward, without becoming entangled in legal issues that hinder your mission.

Whether your nonprofit is in the initial stages, or you are looking for legal counsel that is delivered in a friendly, optimistic manner, contact the professionals at Thomas & Libowitz at 410-752-2468.