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Business Creation, Structuring, and Governance

A business venture marks an exciting time in your life – it is full of promise, adventure, and challenges. In addition to securing funding and, establishing direction, strategy, and tactics, it is essential to ensure your business is properly formed.

At Thomas & Libowitz, we guide our clients on how to best structure their particular business venture, including liability protection, corporate governance, financial benefits, and taxation. These different areas are crucial to the success of any business and function as guidelines throughout a business’ operation.

Our business group assists clients with business formation, structure, and governance for every type of business, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. Our attorneys have successfully assisted clients with all business types and sizes.

In addition to the formation of your company, our experienced attorneys also advise and assist you with business governance and operational questions. Our attorneys will draft corporate bylaws, LLC and partnership operating agreements, stockholder agreements, corporate resolutions, and all other necessary business documentation to fit your business needs and goals.

Throughout the formation process, our attorneys will remain in constant communication with you and your partners. We believe establishing a strong bond with our clients brings success and helps foster growth and expansion in the business arena. Working with expert legal advisors helps reduce the possibility of lawsuits and other legal proceedings which can severely affect the bottom line of a business.

We handle businesses across the country and are familiar with federal and state guidelines for establishing a business.

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